How-to Rotoscope the Gorgonaut way...

The Spine of Night is a rotoscope animated feature. This means that before animation began, a live action version of the film had to be shot. That footage then is animated over to create the final effect. 

This is an old animation process, and we'll delve further into it on the blog later. 

Does this mean that a full, live-action cut of The Spine of Night exists? Yep. That's exactly what it means. We'll be sharing some video from that on the blog in the coming months.

But for now... here's a behind-the-scenes video showing how the process works for our animators.  

This workflow & process was developed by Gorgonaut lead animator Morgan Galen King.

Featured in the video is actor Jordan Smith portraying a character named Ghal-Sur. More about both of them on the blog soon. 

Music is by the astounding Ice Dragon