A young scholar, seeing the world anew...

Meet Ghal-Sur, one of the protagonists of the chapter titled “The Allsorrow.”

Ghal-Sur is an ambitious young man, hungry to learn all that the old scholar-priests of the Pantheon Ashurban keep locked away in their vast library, a temple dedicated to preserving all the information known to humanity.


He was taken in by Ashur priests as a child, and has risen from his first task - preparing game-fowl for the kitchen - to finally join the robed scholars as an adventuring Minor Aquisitioner - a coveted title, though his assignments have mostly been relegated to documenting local events of little importance. When we first him in the film, however, he’s arrived at the nascent city-fort of Pyr on a particularly noteworthy moment.

Ghal-Sur is portrayed by actor Jordan Smith, who brought an incredible level of depth to the character’s journey of self- discovery in a world he is only just beginning to truly comprehend.

We're going to take a few weeks off from updating, but when we return we'll be looking at some of the fantastical locations that the film's story will take us.