Twin Blades at Play on the Night Wind

This is Sparrowcrow. She is an expert assassin.

She and her two compatriots, Falconhawk and Kestrelwren, are the last remaining members of a guild known simply as The Aviary. For ages, it has been this guild’s role to uphold and interpret the intentions of the founder of their city: The Great King Uxon.

If any official of the city-state steps outside the bounds of those founding principles, it is up to this guild to bring them back into line, using whatever means they deem necessary. More often than not, that involves violence. 

They operate outside of but adjacent to the law and government of the city. They are respected and they are feared. They are the final arbiters of how Uxon is to be run. 


The Aviary self-selects its members. They tend to come from the city’s underclass. Once selected and trained, you are a member until death, forswearing your previous life and all that came with it.

Sparrowcrow loves her work with guild. She is a fiery member of the Aviary. Quick to anger and nearly as quick to strike. Her signature weapons are twin knives. Nothing gives her more pleasure than bloodying them. Passionate and dedicated to both her city and her guild, Sparrowcrow is a force to be reckoned with. 

Recently, Sparrowcrow and her compatriots lost their mentor, Jay. That loss left them reeling. Jay picked all three of them, trained all three of them, guided all three of them. 

Since Jay’s death, they have been unable to select a new member….

… because the city of Uxon is under siege a siege so terrible its very walls threaten to give way any moment.


In our film, Sparrowcrow is played by actress and model Christine Cilano.

Christine brought the perfect physicality to a role in which actions speak far louder than words. She was game for anything, throwing herself as fully into choreographing her own fights and as she did spreading the wings we made for her and pretending to fly while lying on a yoga ball. She made Sparrowcrow into a fierce character.

Next week, we discuss the mysterious Syr, first king of men.