A Scholar in Search of Knowledge, Lost…

Meet Phae-Agura, hero of the segment “In Doom, I Am Reborn.”

Towards the end of the reign of King Mongrel, Phae was the Pantheon Ashurban’s greatest Field Acquisitionor. As such, it was her role to travel the continent in search of rare tomes and lost knowledge, meting out the wisdom of the Ashur to those in need as she went.

Her most recent excursion, based on years of research by Uruq Il-Irin, Grand High Inquisitor of the Ashur, has taken her far from the mess halls of the Pantheon, through lands fraught with danger and finally into the flooded ruins of a city long forgotten by the average man but known to scholars as Ka-Mul.

There, deep inside statues and shrines dedicated to strange gods, she is searching for a text said to hold the key to ancient mysteries, both terrible and powerful. 

Phae is an adventurer, a scholar and a swordswoman. She’s The Spine of Night's answer to Indiana Jones.

Phae is portrayed by actress Betty Gabriel

male phae.jpg

As seen in the concept art to the right, Phae was originally written and designed as a male character. 

When Betty came to us via producer Jean Rattle, we had her read for two roles. The first role was a female role the second one was Phae. She knocked the Phae reading out of the park.  She so embodied the spirit of Phae, that we couldn’t cast it any other way.

And so Phae the final version of Phae-Agura, scholar of the Pantheon Ashurban, was born.

Next week... we tell the legend of the raider, the marauder, the man known as Mongrel.