This is Mongrel.

Mongrel is a warrior and wanderer, most recently hailing from the desert empire known as Ul’imir. He’s a savage fighter, a marauder extraordinaire, and a man well acquainted with slaughter.

Mongrel has both cut and connived his way through many tight spots. At one point, before our current tale, he even went toe to snout with the mysterious Ape King.

Mongrel's current plight is seemingly far less strange. 

He’s attached himself to the service of one Lord Pyrantin, ruler of an upstart settlement located along the banks of a deep and dark swamp. The name of this settlement is Pyr, pronounced such that it rhymes with "fire." It is the key location of our entire film. 

Much more on Lord Pyrantin later but suffice to say here that he is a petty ruler, sadistic and foolish, driven by dreams of conquest and ruled by his baser emotions. 

Mongrel is never one to take an assignment from, or serve at the feet of, stupidity without an angle. In Pyr, Mongrel is waiting to spring a trap. He has a score to settle with Pyrantin’s father, a truly great ruler, by the name of Uxon. 

By playing nice with Pyrantin, Mongrel’s biding his time. Waiting for opportunity to strike at the real power. 

The moment will come, Mongrel’s sure of it. And if it ends up being not the exact moment he’s envisioned, then he’ll make do with the moment that comes. Mongrel is ever the opportunist.


To the right is the original concept art for Mongrel. Mongrel has been played by a few different actors. In the Ape King short, he's portrayed by Mac Ridge. 

In The Spine of Night, Mongrel is played by Andrea Petrosinelli. Andrea is lead of Providence metal act, Sangus. 

Get a taste of Andrea in action with Sangus here. Check out their facebook page here.

Andrea brought an unbridled intensity to Mongrel. He growls his lines and sneers his emotions. He keeps his physicality on edge, always threatening. He is, in short, a consummate and perfect barbarian. 

Mongrel is a character Morgan has been writing and thinking about for a long time. You’ll probably be hearing more about him later.

Next week we learn of the assassin named Sparrowcrow.