All Hail.

This is Syr. Legends say he was the first King of Men.

They say when the world was newly dreamed, he led mankind out of the wilderness. He forged weapons to hunt and to kill. He built himself a crown. They sing songs of his conquests, his sorrows, and his rage.

What drove him to such bloodlust is a thing much argued by scholars and mystics alike.

Syr is the lead character in a segment called The Road of Straw. It is the most psychedelic of the segments in the film. 

Despite being a lead, Syr has no lines of dialogue in the film. Instead, the role rests entirely on visual intensity, on a sense of barely contained rage. 

In our film, Syr is played by Crimson Al-Khemia. Crimson came in and gave us an audition that bristled with energy. He brought that same raw energy to the role, He was willing and eager to throw himself, sometimes literally, at any challenge we gave him, invariably with a grin on his face. 

Next time, a familiar figure: The Guardian.